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Linux utilities on Android

...without the pain of rooting and fiddling about with a debugger. It's not well-documented, but you can run some standard Linux utilities on Android without circumventing any of Android's security machinery. Read more...
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Exploring application build and deployment in OpenShift 3

Development tooling and plug-ins can hide a lot of the complexity of the OpenShift Container Platform. But what's really going on? Read more...
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Apache integration products from the ground up

Java development with Apache Karaf/ServiceMix, Camel, CXF, etc., reduced to its barest essentials — a command line and a text editor Read more...

A Linux storage management cheat-sheet

A condensed guide to disk management, LVM, and RAID. Read more...


Underneath the Linux desktop

A modern graphical desktop environment for Linux looks monolithic, but actually consists of a number of disparate components. These articles examine these components and how they interact, with a view to explaining how you can build a custom desktop from individual components. Read more...

Graphics and illustration


Pirates ahoy!

Another free 3D model — an 18th-century 3-masted barque. Read more...

Linux, camera, action

It won't win any cinematography awards, but it's possible to create simple stop-motion animations using just a digial camera and free software tools for Linux. Read more...

Science and technology

Zombies Night of the living differential equations: how to simulate the zombie apocalypse using a mathematical model of population dynamics. Read more...



How to generate simple MIDI files using Java

The Android platform has no support for playing music note-by-note from an application. But playing simple tunes in Java by generating MIDI files is really not all that difficult. Read more...


Why you can't play Bach on a piano

Enthuiasts for early music often rage about 'authenticity', but we don't even tune our instruments the way our forebears did. Why is this, and how much difference does it make? Read more...
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