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Some short compositions

Piano and violin


For violin and piano
Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Another teardrop waltz

For violin (about grade 3 standard) with piano accompaniment.
Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Song without words in first position

A very simple piece for violin grade 2-ish, with piano accompaniment. All the notes in the violin part are reachable from first position, hence the name.
Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Fugues for harpsichord or organ

Fugue #1 in C major for organ or harpsichord, moderato

Score | Audio (organ) | Audio (harpsichord) | Sibelius 6

Fugue #2 in D major, andante

I've left the score marked up to show the subject and countersubject, modulations, etc.
Score | Audio (organ) | Audio (harpsichord) | Sibelius 6

Stretto fugue #3 in D major for organ manuals and pedals, andante

Score | Audio (organ) | Sibelius 6

Solo piano pieces

Langley Hill blues

A relaxed jazz/blues piece, but with some edgy moments.
Score | Audio

Three sonatinas for piano

Broadly in the late classical/early romantic style.

Sonatina #1 in F, andante

Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Sonatina #2 in Bb, presto

Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Sonatina #3 in Bb, allegro moderato

Score | Audio | Sibelius 6


A piece for solo piano, based on three-part counterpoint. My intention here was to write a piece of music that uses three voices in the same way that Bach's three-part inventions and sinfonias do, but adapted to exploit the rather different tone and capabilities of a modern piano, rather than a harpsichord.
Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Waltz in Gm

Inspired by the Op. 39 waltzes of Brahms.
Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

String quartets

Three sheets to the wind

A piece in Sonata form for string quartet, inspired by 'Fifteen men on a dead man's chest'. All instrumental parts are about grade 4 standard.
Score | Audio

Fugue this!

A short string quartet based on serial atonal method.
Score | Audio

Other ensemble pieces


Inspired by the phantom village created by a computer error (more here). A concerto for clarinet and bass clarinet, accompanied by strings.
Score | Audio

Dewdrop waltz

This dewdrop world, is a dewdrop world; and yet, and yet..." — Kobayashi Issa.
For string trio.
Score | Audio

Ableton blue

A jazz/blues piece for drums, electric bass, electric guitar, piano, and organ. Sorry, no score for this one as it was created entirely using Ableton Live.

Medium battery

A piece in the swing style for Bb clarinet, vibraphone or marimba (or piano at a pinch) and drums. My intention in this piece was to apply baroque contrapuntal forms to a completely different style and instrumentation. The piece is in three short movements, each of which is essentially a canon at the unison or octave, but with elements of augmentation and inversion of the themes.
Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Lullaby canon

For flute and vibraphone or, at a pinch, flute and piano. This piece is actually the middle movement of Medium Battery, somewhat extended and slightly rearranged to suit the timbre of the flute better.
Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Woodwind trio in G minor

This rather sad piece is for Bb clarinet, flute, and bassoon. It's in classical sonata form, with exposition, development, and recapitulation. I wrote two versions of this piece. The first version is shorter, and simpler to play because it has fewer contrapuntal passages. Because it is shorter but with no fewer modulations, it has a more chromatic, unsettled feel, which turned out not to be to everybody's taste. The longer version is gentler on the ear but, to my reckoning, too long for the amount of thematic material.

Version 1

Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Version 2

Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Abîme des hérissons

A piece for flute and oboe, using Oliver Messaien's modes of limited transposition and palindromic rhythms.
Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Demon dance

A short piece for percussion ensemble — snare, bass drum, tambourine, and djembe drum.
Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Other solo instruments

Aeolian waltz

For alto flute. A simple piece using only the aeolian (natural minor) mode.
Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

Moldovan sunrise

For solo clarinet. This piece is based on an Eastern European seven-note scale. Scored for C clarinet but, because it's a solo piece, it could be played on Bb or A clarinet. Does not use the altissimo register :)
Score | Audio | Sibelius 6

More to come shortly.

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