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Duke logo I support and maintain large-scale Java middleware systems for a living and, to be honest, there's a limit to how much time I'm willing to spend writing about Java in my spare time. Anybody who is misguided enough to want to read my ramblings on enterprise Java development is more than welcome to buy my book. The relatively small collection of Java articles on this site are on topics that I'm interested in, and which have no direct connection with my professional activities, such an Android development.

I'm also interested in developing in C/C++, particularly for Linux, but increasingly for mobile platforms like BlackBerry.


Apache integration products from the ground up Java development with Apache Karaf/ServiceMix, Camel, CXF, etc., reduced to its barest essentials — a command line and a text editor.

The nuts and bolts of anonymous inner classes in Java
Nothing is more idiomatic of Java code than pseudo-closures implemented using anonymous inner classes. However, they are not well understood, and have limitations that can only be properly understood by examining in detail how they are treated by the compiler.

Generating simple MIDI files using Java
The simplest way I could come up with for generating MIDI music on the Android platform

Java's try-with-resources construct
New in Java 7, this feature provides a destructor-like programming contstruct that takes java another step in the direction of C++.

A collection of Java oddities and curiosities
An assortment of peculiar things you probably didn't know about the Java programming language — or didn't want to.

Why the @Override annotation is essential in Java
Why a subtlty of Java access control means that trivial changes to packaging can silently break an application, and what can be done to prevent this.

Mastering the Java CLASSPATH
Where do those NoClassDefFound exceptions come from?

Android and mobile

Qt on the BlackBerry Playbook tablet
My adventures with developing an application for the BlackBerry PlayBook using Qt and C++.

Building and running native-code utilities on Android
No adb, or rooting, or any of that messy stuff

Mobile application development: Android vs. J2ME
What are their similarities and differences?


UTF-8 and the problem of over-long characters
Another look at the rather neglected security concern

Building native graphical appliations in C for Microsoft Windows, using GTK+ and open-source tools
It is possible to write GUI applications that build on Windows and Linux with relatively simple tools

An introduction to Perl for Java programmers
A quick-start guide

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