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KBOX logo KBOX is a project to create a miniature Linux distribution for non-rooted (i.e., unmodified) Android devices, providing a Linux-like console environment. KBOX provides full versions of many standard command-line utilities (tar, grep...), console editors (Vim, Nano), networking utilities (rsync, Dropbear SSH...), and development tools (C/C++, Perl, Java, Python). It runs on ARM and i686 Android devices, and Chromebooks with Android support.

The latest version is KBOX4. I have removed all documents and binaries for earlier releases from my website, because they were simply taking up too much storage. I still have copies, if anybody finds I have removed something essential.

KBOX has a new section of my website, and will soon have its own website. Click here to go there.

The technical background to the KBOX project is described in these other articles, along with some other information that might be of more general interest.

Running standard Linux utilities on a stock, non-rooted Android device
This article describes how to use busybox to bootstrap a minimal set of Linux utilities into a terminal emulator. This is for background information — KBOX has an installer.

Building and running native-code utilities on Android
This article explains how to use the Android NDK utilities to compile code, how to deploy it to the device, and test using a terminal emulator.

KBOX on a Chromebook
How (and why) to run KBOX on a Chromebook with Android emulation.

Zork on Android using KBOX and frotz (etc)
Playing interactive fiction games on Android using KBOX.

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