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KBOX logo I'm frequently asked if I can make available the source code for KBOX3. The complication, however, is that there really isn't any such thing. The only entirely-new code in KBOX3 is a couple of scripts that I wrote. These scripts glue together a bunch of utilities and libraries that are already open-source. If there is any innovation in KBOX3, it is in the way that the various components work together in an unusual way. While I'm happy to explain that — I have tried to do so on this site — looking at a pile of source code won't make it any easier to follow, I think.

The base system for KBOX3 consists of Busybox, libfakeroot.so, the KBOX3 shell wrapper, and perhaps a few other pieces I forgot. All of these have source that can be obtained with a few minutes' Web searching. Of course I had to modify all of these things — sometimes extensively — to run on Android, and I would be happy to explain what modifications I made. I would also be happy to share the modified source code for the various utilities, on a case-by-case basis. All the add-on packages are either my own work — in which case soure code is already available on this site — or stuff that is already open-source and, again, readily available on the Web.

In the end, there is no 'KBOX soure code' that I can distribute. There isn't anything that you can unpack into a directory and run make in. I have, in the past, distributed my complete KBOX development workspace, as a huge tarball (it's about 1.4 Gb — we're talking about a Linux distribution here, albeit a small one). But this just led to people complaining that it wouldn't build (and that should be expected — it's just a copy of a directory on the hard disk of my development workstation), or that they couldn't figure out how it was organized. Of that 1.4 Gb, about 1.399999 Gb is code that, as I said, is already widely available.

I'm entirely happy to try to help people who want to build their own versions of KBOX3, or modify it to suit their purposes better. Several developers have already built it into their own products. But I don't think that handing out 1400 Mb of assorted source is likely to help much. If you need something in particular, please don't hesitate to ask.

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