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The kmediad project — an ncurses-based console interface

This is a very simple, rather crude, console-based interface to the kmediad server. It is album-based — that is, it presents a list of albums, one of which can be played by selecting from the list. To get a list of keyboard bindings, hit 'h'.

Building the console interface

The usual — make, followed by make install.

Note that the console interface depends on the general-purpose object-oriented C library klib. I recommend using the same version of this library that kmediad uses. The Makefiles are set up to do that, assuming that the interface source directory is alongside the kmediad directory in the filesystem.

Running console interface

Just run kmediad5-ncurses --host [kmediad_host] --port [kmediad_port]. The host and port default to localhost and 30000 if not specified.


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