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The kmediad project — streaming radio support

kmediad 0.5.0 has preliminary, and very rudimentary, support for streaming radio stations. It is necessary to build the station list manually, in a file kmediad_streams.ini, which should be located in the top-level media directory. A sample file is provided in the etc/ directory of the source code distribution.

Each line in the file provides a stream URI and a title; the title is displayed in the web user interface when you select "Show | Radio streams".

At present, kmediad only supports ShoutCast/IceCast-type streams. In such a stream, the URI provided references a playlist. The playlist does not usually specify different items, but different sources for the same item. This mechanism provides a measure of fault tolerance and load balancing for the station operator. kmediad retrieves and parses the playlist, then writes the raw stream URIs into its own playlist. Then it tries to play the first item in the playlist. You can select other playlist items if the first seems not to play.

kmediad does not yet support the provision of "raw" stream URIs, only playlists; but handling raw URIs should be technically straightforward. I have not done much work on the radio support as yet, as there is already a huge number of functional and inexpensive Internet radios on the market.

Technical note: Radio streams appear in the kmediad playlist preceded by an exclamation mark. This symbol indicates that the URI is to be treated verbatim, and not as a reference to an entry in the media index.

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