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Please note that the law information from my old site went over to the Law Student Forum, which I suspect is no longer available. I'm only keeping on this site articles that might, perhaps, be of interest to a general readership.

Law and small woodlands
Some legal issues that might be of interest to owners of small woodlands.

Contract law in ten minutes
The entirety of English contract law reduced to a few bite-sized chunks.

The titles game — can you buy nobility?
An examination of the ever-popular trade in so-called noble titles

DIY and the law of negligence and occupier's liability
How to avoid being sued by your guests

Part P — 5 years on and still broken (historical interest only)
More thoughts on one of the previous Government's least well thought-out attempts to implement the nanny state

A brief history of English land law
What the Normans did for us

The problem with precedent
A logical anomaly at the heart of the English legal system

Common sense and the law: the C1 crash helmet saga
Ancient history now, but still illustrative of judicial thinking

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