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Free 3D models of Stephenson's rocket

In case it's of any use to anybody, I am making available a 3D model of Stephenson's Rocket, drawn using AutoDesk 3DS Max. The model is reasonably detailed and, so far as possible, reflects the actual locomotive, now in the Science Museum. I've used photographs and measurements of the actual exhibit, along with such public-domain data as there is.

The surviving locomotive is not as it was originally built — at some point, for example, the motion cylinders were refitted at a shallower angle There's some dissent among enthusiasts about the location and form of many of the parts that no longer exist — the steam exhausts, for example. The original tender is no longer extant, so we have only 19th century drawings and guesswork. But, so far as I could, I've tried to represent the locomotive in the form it might have taken before it was taken out of service. Some parts that almost certainly existed in the real locomotive are not in the model because I had no idea where they would have been — there is no steam pressure gauge or water level indicator, for example. Some parts are crudely drawn because I couldn't get to them to investigate and they aren't highly visible. There are almost certainly many other errors and omissions. But for general illustration purposes, I think it's pretty realistic.

The 3D Max model is coloured but not textured. It will render like a cartoon. I've retextured the model and rendered it using Bryce 7 to give an idea what it might look like when properly set up in a scene.

Unfortunately, the Bryce 7 scene files are just way too big to host on my Web site. But if anybody would like them, and can think of a way to send files larger than 20Mb or so, please let me know and I'll be happy to oblige.

Please feel free to use this model in any way you like. If you do, and find it helpful, please let me know, and I might be encouraged to tidy up some of my other stuff and make it available. If you find mistakes, please feel free to fix them yourself :)


The files are zip-compressed, because otherwise they're simply enormous.
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