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The Argleton affair: is the World-Wide Web turning into one vast Wikipedia? Read more...



Oh yes it's great to be an engine... A brief introduction to steam locomotive technology. Read more...

Mathematical computing

Zombies Night of the living differential equations: how to simulate the zombie apocalypse using a mathematical model of population dynamics. Read more...

Night of the living drag coefficients: using ballistic theory to determine the best way to aim a rifle for effective zombie control. Read more...


Calculus of variations: a lunchbreak guide. My attempt to explain the rudiments of this essential,but rarely-taught, branch of engineering mathematics using no more than high-school calculus.

How to build an inexpensive, robust plywood boat. Maybe.

Homeopathy: flushing science down the lavatory
Why, if homeopaths are right, everything else we know is wrong

Why science is the way, not a way, to understanding
Science as a simple extension of common sense

Snake oil: hi-fi mains cables
There's one born every minute

A ten-minute guide to electrical theory
Volts, amps, and ohms for beginners

A guide to the selection of electrial cable and breakers
For 'difficult' domestic wiring situations

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