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Simple Chrome Calculator

Version 0.0.1, June 2015

What is this?

screenshot Simple Chrome Calculator is an arithmetic expression evaluator, designed to run as an app on a Chromebook or other system running ChromeOS. Like all such apps it is implemented in JavaScript and HTML. It provides a number of scientific functions, base conversion, and user-defined variables.

Most importantly, perhaps, this calculator is designed for offline operation, something that is still a bit of a rarity in the ChromeOS world.


To install on a ChromeOS machine, download the CRX file from the link in the Downloads section by choosing "Save file" from the browser. Older ChromeOS systems would install an app just by clicking, but Google in its wisdom has deemed this to be a security hazard, so now there are extra steps. Save the file in the local filesystem (e.g., the Downloads folder). Then open the browser's Extensions page (typically under Tools in the main menu). Drag and drop the CRX file into the Extensions page, and the browser should ask if you want to install it.

To install on a desktop computer with the Chrome browser, unzip the source code bundle (also in the Downloads section) into any convenient folder. Open the Extensions page and choose "Load unpacked extension." From the file selector, choose the src directory of the bundle.


To build from source, unpack the source code bundle, open Chrome, go to the Extension page, then choose "Pack extension". Find the src directory of the bundle. Chrome will generate a CRX file in the directory that contains the src directory. Note that this isn't really 'building' in the conventional sense, just assembling some files into a CRX.


See the manual.


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