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There's a heap of information on the World-Wide Web these days, some useful, some less so. Thanks to the Web I've been encouraged to do things that I wouldn't even have attempted in the pre-Web days, and learned about things that I wouldn't even have known existed. In most cases, that's because people, ordinary individuals, have been moved to share their knowledge and experience, usually without gain to themselves. It seems only proper that those who have benefited from others' efforts should try to return the favour.

So what's on this Web site is short articles on things I know a bit about — mostly computing, engineering, law, and music. I hope and intend that the content of this site is factual and informative, and not merely opinionated waffling of the kind that dominates much of the Internet these days. To be honest, there is a certain amount of opinionated waffling — but I hope it is at least mildly interesting opinionated waffling.

Most of the content of this site comes from one of two sources: material intended to supplement university courses I taught, and writings connected with my own academic work that never got published in other forms.

Comments are welcome — please see the contact page.

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