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Feb 8 2013 — Major update I have added a 'software' section to the site, to make it easier to find the open-source projects I'm working on. Previously the sofware downloads were buried in the various technical articles that described them. I'm updating many pages to reflect the new layout — there might be some disruption during this process.

May 10 2010 — Welcome to my all-new site. kevinboone.com has been off-air now for nearly two years, for a number of reasons. First, it was getting expensive to maintain something that makes me no money. I won't host advertisements — Goodness knows we have enough ads inflicted on us from the Internet already — and this made running the site an exercise in vanity publishing, and a pricey one at that. Happily, the hosting companies have reduced their prices recently, so I can once again write down the expense of polluting the Web with my ramblings. Second, with nearly 7,000 pages, the site was becoming unmaintainable, particularly the legal section. A lot of my information was out of date and some, frankly, incorrect. Some of the computing articles described technology that is no longer seen outside a museum. Third, I couldn't keep up with the correspondence the site generated. I tried to answer every e-mail I received, but when it got so that I was spending over an hour a day on this, I realized that I just couldn't commit that amount of time. So I have decided to re-launch the site, with a smaller number of (I hope) better-quality and more up-to-date articles. I'll be dusting off some of the better articles from the old site, and writing new ones on subjects that interest me as time goes by. What there won't be on this new site (sorry) is any specific legal information. I no longer have a professional interest in law, and I don't want to risk keeping information hanging around that might be so out of date as to be dangerous to readers. All the law information from my old site went over to the Law Student Forum and is still available. I might still post articles on areas of law that I still have a slight academic interest in. Comments are welcome, of course. To get in touch, please see the contact page.

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