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Some of my current software development projects. All are open source, and the larger ones include contributions by many different authors. Unless otherwise stated, this software is released according to the terms of the GNU Public Licence, version 2.0. In essence this means that you are free to do whatever you like with it, provided you acknowledge the original author(s), and continue to make the source available. There is, of course, no warrany of any kind.

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The KBOX project

KBOX is an attempt to get a very small Linux distribution, with rudimentary package management, onto Android devices — without rooting or otherwise modifying the device. Read more...


Kevin's music server

KMS (also known as kmediad) is a project to create a browser-controlled music player with wide format support, compatible with Linux and Windows (and, perhaps, other) platforms. Read more...


Utility corner

A collection of open source utilities for Cygwin and Linux. See list...



A Z-code interactive fiction interpreter for GTK, with rudimentary graphics and sound support. Now you can play Zork Zero on Linux :) Read more...

Android apps

Kevin's Music Server for Android
A web-based audio player for Android devices (a rudimentary Android port of kmediad.)

AndroidStart: a start menu for Android
A simple launcher/file browser for Android 4.x devices.

Simple audio equalizer for Android
About as simple and no-frills as an equalizer can get.

ChordTool — a chord wheel (and more) for Android
Analyze chords and scales and their relationships — a tool for musicians

SunTimes — Sun and Moon times for Android
A simple app for telling you when it's going to be dark.


QTADS on the BlackBerry Playbook tablet
A port of QTADS to the PlayBook allows TADS interactive fiction games to be played on the tablet (with some reservations).

winchimer — a windchime simulator for Windows
Gentle tinkling on your desktop

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