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Integrating factors from the ground up
A step-by-step explanation of this powerful, but somewhat obscure, method for solving a large class of first-order differential equations.

Gâteaux differentials and Euler-Lagrange equations in Maple
Some ideas about solving simple problems in the calculus of variations using the computer algebra system Maple

Differential equations: how separation of variables really works
An attempt to get a grip on the slippery way in which this method is usually taught

How to write a technical report
And why we write the way we do

How to give a presentation
Some suggestions for business and academic presentations

Ten simple rules for passing an examination
Giving yourself a fighting chance

Bayesian statistics for dummies
A simple explanation of one of the most misunderstood mathematical tools

What is statistics actually for?
When you get right down to it...

New developments in managerese — how to speak like your boss's boss
...Or how to avoid doing so if you prefer

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