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Tools icon Like most software developers, I'm very happy to spend hours writing a program to do something I could do manually in five minutes. I've started to document and make available some of my efforts, optimistically hoping that somebody else might find them useful, and all the hours lost from my life won't have been completely in vain.

Also like most software developers, I find documentation a chore, so this section of my site isn't growing as rapidly as I hoped it might. If you find any of this stuff useful, consider letting me know, and I might be motivated to do more of it.

All these utilities include source code, and should build cleanly under Cygwin and Linux.

A command-line utility for the Windows Subsystem for Linux, to simplify running Windows utilities from the Bash prompt on Windows 10.

A command-line utility for reporting the true total sizes of files in a particularly directory tree — like du, but more concerned with real sizes than disk capacity.

A command-line utility for managing documents on Kobo e-readers.

Convert one of more text files into an EPUB document.

A fast, lightweight EPUB to text converter.

A command-line utility for extracting meta-data from e-book files.

Generates random tones, whistles, and squeaks. Do you really need a reason?

BDC — Bullet drop calculator in Java
A simple command-line application for generating range cards for target rifle shooting.

Simple Chrome Calculator
A math expression evaluator written in JavaScript and designed to be installed as an app on ChromeOS devices which (without hacking) can't run real code.

amqutil — a simple test/benchmarking utility for Apache Active MQ
A general-purpose JMS client with A-MQ drivers built in; useful for load testing and generally exercising A-MQ installations.

uconv — a general unit converter for the command line
Like the GNU 'units' utility, but with simpler command-line syntax and a more manageable basic set of units.

gnome-background-changer — a stand-alone background switcher for the Gnome desktop
Because none of the other programs of this type seem to work with gnome-shell.

pi-button-pipe — A GPIO button watcher for Raspberry Pi
A simple program to take the pain out of handling pushbuttons attached to the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi or similar device.

KCalc — a Lua-based expression evaluator and math library
A lightweight, cross-platform calculator that tries to fill the gap between bc and Matlab.

win7util — a set of utilities for doing Windows system and desktop operations from Cygwin scripts
Manage processes, windows, desktop, clipboard, etc.

KCrypt — a file encrypter/obfuscator
Cross-platform, command-line encryption tool; a GUI version is also available for Windows

bbcweather — a simple command-line utility to dump a BBC weather forecast feed
For feeding a weather forecast into scripts, or just because it's quicker than using the BBC Web site.

BBCWeatherJ — a simple command-line utility to dump a BBC weather forecast feed
Java version of the bbcweather that has a few a extra features.

rename2 — a flexible command-line utility for batch renaming of files
Bulk transformation of filenames — something that isn't handled very well by other utilities.

A utility for making it easier to run Windows GUI applications from the Cygwin prompt.

Solunar: a simple command-line utility for calculating Sun and Moon rise and set
Also provides related data — Easter, equinoxes, etc.

gettags: extract metadata tags from audio files.
A cross-platform command-line utility designed for use in scripts that manipulate MP3 files and the like.

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